What is Get Your Man?

Get Your Man is a comic about a Mountie and his Scottish doctor (boy)friend!

These characters exist in several, well, you could call them Alternate Universes.

So far we have

In which Francis is a robot and Charles sports a very fancy mullet

some things don’t change in any iteration…


More versions that are currently only sketches + text:

More to come!

Every universe has it’s little stories and is usually set in some version of the Canadian North West.

There is no any one way to read these stories as every universe is just as valid as the other.

Check out the Comic List link for links to the stories.

Dive right in and read them all or start with a version you’re more interested in!

About the Author/Artist


Name: Kami Dog

Age: 90s Child

Gender: bean (agender, they pronouns)


Occupation: artist

Likes: Sleeping, drawing, Mounties, World of Warcraft

Dislikes: Daytime, heat, mustard sauce

Special Features: Brain works wholly in 2D, good sense of direction, is sometimes a dog


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