Sorted by universe

Robot Universe

1900 Universe

  • Sweets! // In which all of Canada teams up on Charles, and Francis finds thatlovehappiness is a matter of a filled stomach.
  • Calm Down, Francis! In which Francis is nervous about his promotion.

1990s Universe

  • Wet Kiss // in which they share their first kiss >3<
  • Canadian Autobahn // in which Francis is fresh back from Mountie school and meets his childhood friend Charles, who doesn’t recognize him…
  • Smoke Break // in which there are some smoke flavored kisses

Coffeeshop Universe

  • Morning Coffee // in which Mountie Francis is too shy to talk about his feelings and steals cups
  • Afternoon Tea // the continuation of Morning Coffee…
  • Midnight Snack // and a NSFW continuation of Afternoon Tea….

Vampire Universe

  • Sanguine // in which Mountie Francis is struck with Vampirism, and seeks Doctor Charles Pemberton for a cure.

Werewolf Universe

  • As It Were // in which Francis tries to rush Charles back to the lab before the Full Moon’s sway consumes him…
  • Put a Leash on it// a short little bonus story, in which we find out how the collar and leash suddenly appeared on Charles.

Microbiology Universe

  • Under Your Skin // in which Francis is a white blood cell and Charles has NO idea what the hell is going on?! NSFW
  • The Date // short little bonus story, in which Francis gets a DATE!

Teenagers with a Phone Universe

  • Phonesex // in which they’re two teenaged boys on opposite sides of the world, but what does that even mean, in this age of smartphones? NSFW language